1 Yard Screened Topsoil
1 Yard Screened Topsoil

1 Yard Screened Topsoil


We process our screened topsoil by removing the majority of sticks and rocks, while also adding 10-15% organics to the soil. Our topsoil is good for starter yards, leveling small dips in yards, and gardens.

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Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil and is typically stripped from the ground during construction. Acors Topsoil and Mulch then takes that soil and we add approximately 10-15% of organic matter and process it through a screening machine to remove the majority of rocks and sticks from the soil. 

We use a series of grates to remove sticks and stones from the soil, however it is impossible to remove them all. The amount of small pebbles and sticks that do make it through will NOT hinder the ability of the soil to grow plants or grass.  

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