Bonide KleenUp Weed & Grass Killer 12qt

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KleenUp is designed for systemic control over a wide variety of weeds and grasses. Made with 16.5% glyphosate, this product is effective on broadleaf and grassy types of weed. With just one quart, you can treat up to 6,300 square feet.

  • Kills grasses, weeds, and brush down to the root
  • Safe to reseed treated area in just 7 days
  • Can also be used to kill tree stumps and vines
  • Kills nearly any vegetation down to the root
  • 41% SUPER concentrate
  • Concentrate pint(16oz) Mix 1.5-2.5 oz. per gallon

Additional Product Information

  • KILL UNWANTED WEEDS - KleenUp Concentrate kills all unwanted weeds and grasses.
  • 41% GLYPHOSATE - One of the most widely used herbicides in the United States, this product contains 41% glyphosate, so it is very effective. This allows the product to attack broadleaf and grassy types of weeds.
  • SYSTEMIC HERBICIDE - This product easily rids your lawn, driveway, flower beds, and more of invasive weeds. It is a systemic herbicide, so it kills to the roots of the plant for total control of the weeds.
  • RAINPROOF AFTER 6 HOURS - After just 6 hours from application, rainfall or watering will not wash away the effectiveness of this product. Hard-to-control weeds and grasses (such as bermudagrass) may require a repeat application in 10 to 14 days.
  • 6,300 SQUARE FEET OF CONTROL - With just one pint of this spray, you can treat up to 6,300 square feet of your lawn, garden, driveway, fencing, and more.
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