Kentucky 31 50# Bag

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Kentucky 31 Grass Seed is valued for easy establishment, drought resistance and improved hear tolerance over many other tall fescue varieties.

Kentucky 31 is a cool-season grass, meaning its most vigorous growth happens during cooler temperatures of fall and spring. Like other tall fescue varieties, KY-31 is best adapted to regions with moderate summers and cool winters. It is particularly well-suited to the south-central U.S. and the challenging turf-growing region known as the transition zone. Where weather runs too hot for many cool-season grasses and too cold for most warm-season grasses, Kentucky 31 tall fescue shines.


KY-31 Tall Fescue at a Glance: 

  •  Cool-season grass suitable for northern and transition zones
  •  Improved heat tolerance over other tall fescue varieties
  •  Drought, shade and traffic tolerant 
  •  High disease resistance 
  •  Bunch - forming growth habit  
  •  Low-maintenance and economical
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